Memories. Original color silkscreen, unknown year.

  • Artist: Branko Bahunek
  • Year: unknown
  • Dimensions: 66 x 52 cm


Memories. Original color silkscreen, unknown year.
Branko Bahunek is a Croatian naive artist born in 1935. Unlike the other Croatian artists who were inspired by Croatian country motives, Bahunek made his art basis on an urban life of the city. The woman is the most common theme of his artwork – there is many different women portraits, nudes, but also you can see the spirit of the cities like Zagreb or Dubrovnik. This is a portrait of a woman reading a diary and contemplating over a memory from the past. There are also two portraits on the wall behind her, maybe her parents or ancestors.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 10 cm

Branko Bahunek