Mogila. Original color silkscreen, unknown year.

  • Artist: Janez Bernik
  • Year: unknown year
  • Dimensions: 68 x 78 cm

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Mogila. Original color silkscreen, unknown year.
Janez Bernik was an internationally acclaimed Slovenian contemporary artist and academic. He was a painter, engraver, sculptor, illustrator, graphic designer and poet and his graphic prints are kept in numerous worldwide-known galleries. Bernik has made textural abstract paintings and prints on the theme of the unspoilt texture of the earth, with indecipherable inscriptions evocative of ancient documents. This print looks like experimentation with photography and colors. There are words and numbers typical for Bernik’s artwork. Because of the red color and the black fuel can we can almost feel danger while watching this picture.

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Janez Bernik