Original poster Hozo Dzevad “Mountain” – XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo


Original poster Hozo Dzevad “Mountain” – XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo. Original offset color lithograph, 1984.

  • Artist: Hozo Dzevad
  • Year: 1984
  • Dimensions: 62 x 85 cm
  • Published by Visconti Art Spectrum, Vienna for the Art and Sports portfolio


Original poster Hozo Dzevad “Mountain” – XIV Olympic Winter Games, Sarajevo. Original offset color lithograph. An archive, vintage poster, printed in 1984, now collectible and in short supply.
Art and Sport portfolio: The Yugoslav Olympic Committee of the Winter Olympic Games Sarajevo 1984 wished to give a certain cultural-artistic accent to this world festivity. The admire of the Olympic idea, those who have a liking for the Olympic winter sports and the art connected with them will be, in agreement with the art publisher Visconti Art Lazo Vujić, honored by creations contributed by world known prominent artist. A portfolio containing sixteen original prints, handsigned and numbered by the artists, is published in a limited edition of 200 originals by each artist. Names like Dorazio, Folon, Greco, Helnwein, Hodgkin, Hwang, Kolar, Moore, Paladino, Pistoletto, Rosenquist, Santomaso, Stupica, Twombly and Warhol guarantee the high quality of the artistic idea and its realization. The size of the original print is 85 x 62 cm. The edition of the original graphic portfolio will be accompanied by limited editions of art posters of the same size, not numbered, but each of them carrying an impression of the inscription “Olympic Games Sarajevo 1984” and its logotype.
The themes proposed by the artists are either winter sports, the Olympic idea or the town of Sarajevo. All the artists remain faithful to their own specific expression, using the formal elements of the language developed through the years of their creative presence in world’s art. So every print included in the portfolio is at the same time a particular contribution to the continuity of their artistic orientation, the theme being an additional iconographic impulse to their visual research. The symbiosis of the Olympic idea and art is certainly an interesting creative proposal that will fascinate art-collectors and sport-lovers as well.
Dževad Hozo is a Bosnian graphic artist. He finds inspiration and preoccupation in the past – in the material heritage and in the texts of Bosnian writers who wrote about that time. Through his style and research, Hozo related to the trend of lyrical abstraction but in a restrained and contained way. In a formal abstraction, he looked for the effects of materials, where shadows and contrasts are moving. He had over 40 individual exhibitions in the country and around the world and he created this artistic posters for the Olympic Games in Sarajevo in the 1984. The poster has red, aggressive lines in the center, that are thrown as a pair of skis colliding with each other and make a triangular form of a mountain. Around are quieter spaces, two dark walls, and, above, a golden discus as a sign of hope.

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Dževad Hozo