Untitled 280

Untitled. Original watercolor, 2002.

  • Artist: Ljubomir Ljuba Popović
  • Year: 2002
  • Dimensions: 75 x 57 cm


Untitled. Original watercolor, 2002.
Ljubomir Ljuba Popović was a Serbian surrealist painter, who lived and worked in Paris. He is known for his fantastical scenes with disturbing, odd creatures in Renaissance like ambience, where he tried to express concepts of desire and fear. Complex structures of sumptuous and disturbing Ljuba’s universe are characterized by energetic expressiveness and free brush moves, where he opposes light of architectural and mineral forms and sinister forces of darkness. “There are knotted secrets in my paintings that are incomprehensible to myself, too. That which is played on the canvas, in front of my eyes, often looks like the outcome of some force majeure, which is difficult for me to communicate with.” – said the artist for the process of his creating. He placed a scene in a fantastical bluish glass landscape full of architectural pillars and sculptures, as we can see in fairy tales, and just foreboded human figures that walk up the stairs to infinity.

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Dimensions 80 × 10 cm

Ljuba Popović