Čoro Škodlar: Forms of Light – retrospective exhibition of paintings and drawings from prison

Retrospective exhibition of selected paintings, mostly oil on canvas as well as drawings from prison, by the restoration specialist and journalist Čoro Škodlar. The exhibition will showcase selected works by this not well enough known, but extremely interesting artist, with an astonishing life story. His works mainly depict landscapes, still life, portraits and self-portraits. His drawings represent a special part of the exhibition, depicting the years he spent in prison, which showcase the brutal time which he lived through, as well as having a priceless documentary value.

»In Slovenian art of the 20th century Čoro Škodlar is a unique example of an outstanding artist, who dealt with the form of light in a unique way. Each and every of one of his paintings is an exploration and a masterpiece. The art of Čoro Škodlar is not simple, but his art is simply beautiful.«

Ciril Horjak